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and it comes around to me… “4 things”

I’ve kinda been waiting for this one… Thanks Stephanie for tagging me!

Four jobs I’ve had
– roofer during a hot Texas summer
– Waiter at “Hennington’s” in Granbury, TX
– fixer-upper of messed-up data for the BNSF railroad
– resident computer geek for JW Operating of Longview TX

Four movies I could watch over and over
– Lost in Translation
– The Princess Bride
– Fiddler on the Roof
– The Thomas Crowne Affair

Four books I could read over and over
– The Lord of the Rings
– The Chronicles of Narnia
– Orthodoxy (Chesterton)
– the Manifold series (Stephen Baxter)

Four places I have lived
– Fremont, NE
– Granbury, TX
– Longview, TX
– Hiawatha, IA

Four TV shows I watch
– House
– MI-5 (Spooks for you British types)
– Hustle (a new show on AMC, also by the BBC)
– pretty much any sports

Four places I have been on vacation (ok, so I haven’t traveled much)
– Destin, FL
– Estes Park, CO
– Chicago, IL
– Los Angeles, CA

Four websites I visit daily other than email
The Drudge Report
National Review Online
Opinion Journal

Four favorite foods
– Enchiladas
– Sesame Chicken
– Pizza
– a good steak

Four places I’d like to be right now
– not at work
– at home with Becky and Laura
– at my favorite coffeehouse with a good book and my laptop
– on vacation someplace warm and slow-paced

Four bloggers I’m tagging

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