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the next album I’ll have to buy

Andy Osenga notes today that Ben Shive is going to release his own album. No word yet on when this will happen (Andy intimates maybe sometime this year), but Ben’s website announcing that fact is funny enough to make it worth the read.

Don’t know who Ben Shive is? For shame! The man is a genius, I tell you. Genius.

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  1. Well, if you’re in the “I-must-buy-this-or-my-left-arm-will-fall-off”, okay. But I have a long, long list of albums to buy, man. I could expend all my disposible income in a year on albums and put a sizeable dent in what I’d like to own, music-wise, which just speaks to the depth of my, um, PROBLEM.

    So … that’s why I’m happy to admit that I’ve just in the last couple of days bought my first new-to-me album of 2006. Yeah, I lasted three weeks. That’s a frickin’ record. [And now I’m admitting at 4:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. I promise that I’m sober; I just went to bed around 8:00 p.m. last night, and I’ve been wide awake since going downstairs for water. Dadgum.]

    Hoping you’ll crack up when you read this comment, leaving your wife to wonder, yet again, “Why did I marry this Looney Tune?” …


  2. That is very exciting. How come people always know these things before I do, when I know him and his fmaily personally??

  3. JDR JDR

    I think, that we need a GFM Translator plug-in.

    I think he got a new CD and he wakes up early to watch Looney Tunes?

  4. Check out the new Dave Barnes album…Shive displays some of his genius on it…

    including one freakin’ ridiculous solo.

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