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Book Journal: Extreme Denial, Assumed Identity

Extreme Denial Assumed IdentityThese two get grouped together since I read them both on the plane on my way to/from Wichita this week. Again, good entertainment. Extreme Denial and Assumed Identity are just two of the multitude of titles by author David Morrell. Probably best known for writing Rambo: First Blood, his later novels all centered around the idea of a secret agent-type (usually ex-Delta Force or ex-CIA) who effortlessly changes identities at will, and is either in the personal protection business or ends up operating that way.

I read one on the way down to Wichita, one on the way back. Good entertainment, fairly well written, but I couldn’t read too many of them in a row… too similar, they’d start getting boring. So, I’ll have to space them out over a while.

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