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It’s cold and grey outside…

…and I had been planning on doing yard work. I did a little bit this morning (ran the mower on the front yard and filled up five and a half yard bags with leaves and such) but then it got nasty outside and Becky had a church event so I got to watch the kiddo for a while.

Since it’s not so nice to work outside (and since Becky has my long extension cord at church, so I can’t run the leaf blower), and since Laura is taking a nice nap, I decided it was a nice time to give the blog a facelift and watch football. So, Clemson is on TV beating Florida State, and I’m on the couch with the laptop working on the blog. Actually, it’s about done for now.

I like lots of things about this theme. I think it’s a big improvement over the old one. It was created by Clemens Orth, found by Google, and tweaked by me. The only thing I’m not totally happy with at the moment is the font on the header graphic… it could be better. Maybe when I have some more time to be patient with photoshop, I’ll give it another try.

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