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OfficeMax Replacement Watch, Day 26

I recieved my OfficeMax gift card yesterday in the mail. It was accompanied by a cheesy little letter telling me how sorry they were that my PDA broke, and praising me for my foresight in purchasing a replacement plan, and expressing their hope that I would buy a replacement plan again for my new PDA. Heh. So, last night I went to OfficeMax and purchased a new Palm Tungsten E2.

It’s going to work out OK. I had to put an extra $50 out of pocket, but it has a $50 rebate coming back from Palm, and it came with a nifty leather cover as a bonus. The one thing I’m a bit disappointed about is that they changed the sync cable interface… the old Tunsten E had a mini-USB connector, which was great since I already had a couple of those cables. My guess is that Palm realized they weren’t making enough money on extra cables and such, so they went back to some proprietary connector. Arrrgh. Now I need to decide what to get so I can sync it at home, too… I’m thinking maybe a cradle for here at work…

So now I’ll have to find other subjects to keep up my consistent blogging. Maybe it’ll be good for me to prove that I can consistently write even when it’s not about something that’s making me mad. 🙂


  1. […] First stop: OfficeMax. Now, maybe I should have learned from Chris’s experience and not to go there. But they’re theonly place in Lynchburg that can do what I need done. Well, usually. […]

  2. […] Posted by Chris at October 10th, 2007 I’ve carried a PDA pretty much everywhere with me for the past several years; I think I’ve been through three different Palm models. My current one is a Palm Tungsten E2. I don’t use too many features on it, really; my primary uses are the calendar and a few games. The calendar is the biggie for me – I need something to keep all my work meetings and outside meetings lined up. The past few weeks my PDA has had trouble holding a charge. It doesn’t matter whether I charge it via USB or from the wall charger; within 10 minutes or so it complains about the battery being low and starts disabling functions. I’m assuming it’s nearing the end of its life – I’ve had it just over two years now. […]

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