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  1. Aaron Aaron

    Hey Chris,
    Nice quiz! I took it and scored a whopping 3. The results said that I’m deffinetly not a nerd and I might even be cool! Bout what I expected for my nerd status, but it was fun to do.

  2. Amber Amber

    oh man…. a 3?! i thought i was doing good..with a 32…
    Im classified as a “wanna be nerd” 😀 I think it was that whole
    “knowing the table of elements” thing that pushed me over
    the top 😉 lol, ttyl


    Okay, the sad thing is … I think most of my friends are geekier than I am.
    [Yes, John, Jon, Jeff, Rick, and Stephen … I’m looking at you.]
    [HT to both Richard and Chris.]

  4. Probably only beat you because I claimed work stuff as stuff I ‘owned’. Like, I’m sure owning a microscope is a pretty geeky thing.

  5. Yeah, but I don’t work with any of that stuff, either. Now, if they’d asked how many different compilers I have installed on my PC… 🙂

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