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wait, don’t work on it yet…

It never fails. I start working on a not-approved-yet-but-probably-OK change request today, and after about an hour of code modification the requirements guy sticks his head into my cubicle.

“Hey Chris, don’t know if you’re working on those changes yet, but they should all be OK except for Oil Pressure – there’s some big changes coming for that one.”

What have I been working on for the last hour? Oil Pressure. 🙂

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  1. Amber Amber

    lol oh no! That stinks.. Im looking forward to coming down this
    weekend,however, i seem to have taken on a cold this past
    weekend that i thought would have passed by now, but it hasn’t. So
    now im asking you if you still want me around when theres the chance
    that i could pass it on. Especially to Laura… So, it is definitely
    your and Beckys say on this… I totally understand if its better
    for me to wait for another time. If you could let me, or andrew
    or someone know as soon as u can that would be great. Hope work turns
    out well for you :)Talk to u soon

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