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Cakeboy? Who the heck is Cakeboy?

In a comment sometime back, Amber asked about the whole House of Cakeboy title. While I may rename this blog at some time in the future, it’s still worth telling a bit of the cakeboy story by way of explanation.

It all goes back to a choir tour back in college. I was the primary accompianist for the LeTourneau Singers, who toured during spring and fall breaks with about 18 members, including accompianists and sound guys. We toured to Colorado during spring break during my freshman year, and, as it usually did, my birthday (March 14th) fell during the tour. We were out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant that night for my birthday, and after eating, they brought out a cake that somebody had bought, and sang Happy Birthday, and everything. It really was sweet of them.

Anyhow, after several pieces of cake had been cut and I had started eating mine, one of the girls (one of the semi-obnoxious ones) grabbed a bunch of the frosting from the cake plate, snuck up behind me, and proceeded to smear the frosting all over my face, in my hair, the whole nine yards. I was a mess, and none to happy about it, either. But I maintained my good humor, and cleaned up as well as a handful of napkins would allow. She then proceeded to call me “cake boy” the whole rest of the evening… which grew into the whole rest of the tour. Several other group members picked it up and it became my de facto nickname for the rest of the tour. When we went skiing later in the week, I had a tag to mark my skis, and marked it “cake boy”. I still have it laying around the house somewhere… a memory of good times. But that skiing trip is a whole different story.

After Singers (which I quit after my sophomore year), cakeboy started to fade into the oblivion of long-forgotten days. Some years later, I began interacting on an internet forum hosted by and for fans of the band Caedmon’s Call. I wanted a cool nickname, not just something boring like my computer login name. So I thought for a few minutes… let’s see… what could I use for a unique nickname? And then I remembered that ski tag. So, Cakeboy it was. Little did I know the fun that I was in for.

You see, on this particular message board, when they refer to sex, they don’t typically say “sex” – their pseudonym for sex is “cake”. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t realize this yet at the time I chose the nickname. You can imagine the jokes that came up. Actually, you don’t have to imagine – read the “Cakeboy joins the throng” thread and see for yourself. Finally one member took pity on me and let me in on the joke, but after a bit of thought I decided I could laugh at myself just fine, and so I kept the nickname. It’s been a perpetual joke ever since, but I’m OK with that.

So that brings us to the House of Cakeboy. It seemed the reasonable name for my blog when I got it started. I suppose sooner or later I’ll change it to something that won’t make people go “‘House of Cakeboy’? What the heck?” But for now, it’s a fun story to tell. Hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. Amber Amber

    Lol, thanks for telling me the background on that : ) I found the whole Caedmost call ordeal pretty funny, (not at your expense of course, just at the situation)
    Anyways, i’ll ttys, hope all is well!

  2. Amber Amber

    sorry about the spelling errors, i didnt re-read what i had written
    before i clicked “submit”

  3. Amber, the whole Caedmon’s ordeal *was* pretty funny, even at my expense. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I go back and read it from time to time just to enjoy how they toyed with me. Thanks, as always, for the comment!

  4. And you did a darn good job of it. I was glad Mark clued me in eventually, though. It is hilarious reading through it with 8 months of perspective now.

  5. I think I followed up as well … but I’m not surprised that Mark was nice enough to help you out before I did. 🙂

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