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projecting, part 3

Last time I updated on the projector saga, I had just put in an order for the new projector. That was a few weeks ago. Let me fill in the details.

The projector was delivered on the 13th of May, COD. Even this was convenient; our church treasurer’s wife works for FedEx, so she was able to hold our package for a couple days until her husband (the treasurer) could get the check cut. The long-throw lens came a week later, on the 2oth. I was excited to work on it, built the shelf to mount it and had everything ready to install the projector on the 21st. My in-laws were here visiting at that point, so my father-in-law was available to help.

Installation really wasn’t that tough. I was a bit worried about getting the cables run through the attic and down the wall, but that went very smoothly. I did end up having to make three trips to Ace Hardware (fortunately only about 8 blocks away) to get the right screws to mount the shelf, but in the end everything was placed nicely. I got the long-throw lens mounted, put the projector up, powered it on, and waited with breathless anticipation.

Of course, it never works the first time. I could see that it was sending a picture, if I put my hand in front of the lens, I could see the picture in miniature on my hand. But the lens seemed utterly incapable of throwing the image the 45 feet to the screen. So it’s Saturday afternoon, and of course nobody’s home at the tech support number. So, I left them a message to call me on Monday, and gave up for the day.

Monday they called me while I was in the car on the way to Chicago for the pastor’s conference. They confirmed it was the right lens, and told me that there was another lens adjustment I needed to make. Then I had to wait until Friday when I got back to test it. Sure enough, adjust the other thing, and it works beautifully.

So we used the projector for the first time during the worship service on Sunday. We looped some announcements before & after the service, and then displayed the song lyrics during the service. The response was overwhelmingly positive. There are a few little things we can work on, of course, but over all it is a smashing success. One benefit I had not counted on was how much easier the slides are to read than the old transparencies; some of our old folks apparently were having difficulty reading the overhead, but never said anything to us. Now they can read it clearly.

Thus ends the saga of the projector. Join us next time when Sam says, “Gee, I wish I had two displays so I could see a preview of the upcoming slides in addition to the main display…” Next year’s budget, Sam, next year. 🙂


  1. Amber Amber

    Lol, gosh, i had been checking your site like everyday to catch the latest updates, and there were none and suddenly i come on today and i was about 3 posts behind! 🙂 Thanks for telling about that speaker from the conference. It was interesting. Your music baton post was interesting as well 🙂 I’ve actually looked into Sleeping at Last, Andrew mentioned you liked their music once, its good, i liked it too. I laughed when i saw there was a part 3 to the projector series 🙂 Im really glad it worked out for you and the rest of the church. Well i better be going, im sure i’ll comment again soon 🙂 Until next time,

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