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she’s graduated!

This weekend was my sister Rebecca’s high school graduation. She’s the youngest of us 5 kids, and the only girl, which means she’s spoiled just a little. 🙂 She graduated in a class of 8 students from her christian school, and I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t quite proud of her. Anyway, here’s Rebecca the graduate.

Rebecca the graduate

Rebecca is normally quite a goofball and lots of fun; here she’s showing her more ornery side…

Rebecca with her tongue out

Andrew (our brother) is only 16 months older than Rebecca and they have always been best buddies. And they’re so cute! 🙂 (Andrew’s gonna bring the smackdown on me for that comment…)

Rebecca and Andrew

This next one is all of us Hubbs kids except for Aaron, who is in Panama working with YWAM there. Sure wish he could’ve made it back! We do miss him. (l-r is Ryan, Rebecca, me, and Andrew)

The Hubbs kids... only missing Aaron.

This last one is from the party on Sunday – we had over 100 people at our house for a big party. At one point, we had volleyball, football, and soccer games all going on at the same point. It was a blast. Actually, there’s no games being played in this picture, but Rebecca is having fun with her niece (my daughter) Laura. That’s Rebecca’s friend April trying to duck out of the picture there in the background.

Rebecca and Laura

The one person I didn’t manage to get a picture of was Andrew’s girlfriend Amber. I did get to meet her, and I should say some nice things about her since she’ll probably be reading this post eventually. This is the first time I’ve met her, but she seems really nice, and for a girl who’s all of about 5’1″, she plays a mean game of volleyball. I only spiked on her a couple times. 🙂

Well that’s enough photos for now… hope you enjoyed them. It was a wonderful weekend.

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