projecting, part 2

My regular readers (all two of them :-)) will remember my frustration a few days ago over trying to get projector bids, and my excitement at the thought that we might finally get a projector set up for our church. Well I finally got the bid from National Projector, and then at the elders meeting yesterday they approved my plan to accept the bid from Shepherd Multimedia. So, today I will be ordering a Hitachi CP-X885W projector (3500 lumens strong) and a long-throw lens.

And there was much rejoicing. Maybe I’ll get time next week to install it; more likely it’ll get installed during Memorial Day weekend. Can’t wait to hear the buzz in the sanctuary when folks notice it for the first time…

5 thoughts on “projecting, part 2

  1. Heh. I’m amazed (in a sort-of-but-not-really sense) by how long it’s taken our church to get one. Everybody has agreed for probably the last 6 years that our old-style overhead projector gives us a very “junior high” vibe, but somehow that hasn’t translated into actually getting it done. Finally, we’ll get it done.

  2. Yeah. We’ve had one for our contemporary service for a while; I think they have a newer one now. I’d like to find one that wouldn’t break my budget. 😆

  3. Well Chris, I have no clue what all your post meant as it was a bit too techinical terms for me, but I’m glad for ya! 😀 La la la, can’t wait to see you guys!!!! One week… =/ I’m kinda freaking out! Ok well I’ll go now. 🙂 Luv you lots! – Bec

  4. Hello Chris, 🙂 About that “2 readers” thing, well, im a frequent reader,
    just not a frequent commenter…lol, which now that i say it, seems kinda
    weird…but anyways, thats not the point. The point is, hooray for
    new projectors! 🙂 Thanks for commenting on my site, and sure, you can
    replace mayo with whatever you want, i dont see why not. 🙂 Ttys

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