My latest quest on the technology front is the purchase of a LCD projector for my church. We’ve been using the typical grade-school-style overhead projector and transparencies for years, and it’s way past time to upgrade. We’ve had this project in mind for about the last 4 years at church, but for one reason or another (budget, other projects coming up, opposition from internal sources) it’s always gotten pushed to the back burner. This year it’s in the budget, everybody’s on board, and so it’s finally going to get done.

I initially (last year) got a useful bid from a guy at National Projector,but of course this year when I went back to them to get an updated bid, the guy has left the company. The new guy I talked to excitedly took my information and sent me the generic marketing material, but has yet to get back to me with a simple bid for the equipment I need. Come on, dude, your job is sales… and you can’t get a bid for a projector and lens out in a week?

My next experience is with a guy from Shepherd Multimedia. In contrast with the guy at National, a nice guy there at Shepherd completed and sent me two bids the same day I requested them. Not only that, but I can get the projecter and lens I want for just less than I budgeted. That means no hassles with setting up special giving or getting more budget money approved… woohoo!

I’ll be checking for competitive pricing for the next few days, but unless I find a tremendously better deal I’ll likely be ordering next week, and then installing shortly after that. I find myself just a little bit excited. 🙂

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